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Welcome to the Clear Solutions web site.

My name is Bret Busby, I am located in Western Australia, and I can provide solutions, such as providing advice about setting up and running a small business, and provide computing advice and web services, where I provide my Bret Busby web services, which involve my Bret Busby web solutions.

I believe that, in these times, most small businesses should have a web presence, involving a web site, even a simple web page is useful, for the business, to increase exposure, and, to use the power of the World Wide Web, for promoting the business.

For more information about the computing consulting and web services work, for my Bret Busby Web Services, involving my Bret Busby web solutions, see Busby Web Services .

I can be contacted by email, at Bret

This web page was last updated on 28 May, 2016